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Convivial Spice



SweetSpicy is our fiery, sugar-free, BBQ-inspired blend that brings the heat, but it doesn't stop there. Perfect for anything and everything barbeque, SweetSpicy also makes for a dynamic spicy pozole, marinades, dressings, and added into spicy cocktails. We chalked this blend full of the best local ingredients California has to offer; spicy organic cayenne and paprika peppers, the only cumin grown in the United States, garlic, sea salt, and a hint of sweet coconut nectar. We hand mix this blend in small batches to keep it extra smoky, spicy, and sweet in all the right places.

Morning: Potatoes, Bloody Mary's.

Afternoon/Evening: Proteins, Plant-based proteins, Fish, Shellfish, Tofu/Tempeh, Veggies, Potatoes, Sauces, Pozole.


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