Convivial is a Venice California based  spice company focused on providing home cooks with fresh vibrant  spices sourced directly from family farms within the United States. Chefs today are mindful about where their food is coming from. Grass fed beef,  local tomatoes, and single origin coffee, yet there is little thought on where spices come from. Spices play a substantial role in the flavor and enjoyment we get out of cooking however the typical family is still using spices that are older than the 1st iphone.


Single Origin

Convivial aims to change the way we think about spices. By sourcing directly from trusted family farms in the US, we verify that every jar of Convivial’s Single Origin Spices are selected at the peak of harvest, never radiated and ethically harvested. We deliver to you the freshest spices available anywhere.


Spice Blends

Convivial’s signature spice blends are blended in micro batches, labelled with a freshness date, and sourced primarily from California and domestic family farms. Unlike any other spice company in the market, Convivial, clearly lists the weighting and ratios of the ingredients so that a mindful cook will have full understanding of what they are consuming. By sharing our blend “formula”, we empower the chef to use the blends to personalize recipes to their palette.


Simplify and amplify meals with Convivial Spice.