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The 3 jar set includes our small batch Smoked Salt, Golden Cayenne, and SweetSpicy blend.

Convivial's Smokin Hot Bunch is a great gift for the chef with a spicy palette. The 3 jar set includes our small batch: Smoked Salt, Golden Cayenne and SweetSpicy blend. 

- Smoked Salt. Large natural sea salt flakes are cold smoked with hickory for over 14 hours. Use as a rub, marinade or finishing salt to re-create the deep smoky flavor of outdoor cooking.

- Golden Cayenne. A deceptively hot cayenne pepper, the Southern California grown organic Golden Cayenne has a crisp fruity flavor and clean heat (35-50K Scoville heat units).

- SweetSpicy. Combining essential BBQ flavors (smoky, spicy, and sweet) with California paprika, garlic and cayenne, our unique SweetSpicy blend is great on grilled vegetables, salmon, and even fruit salad.