Gourmet BBQ Spice Kit

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What spices are in the kit?


The garlic lover’s everyday seasoning. Fragrant California garlic & parsley are hand mixed with hearty black pepper & grey sea salt to create a classic flavor combination that pairs well with everything from salads to steaks.


Blended with indigenous flavors, Earth adds a touch of heat and earthiness to roasted vegetables, lentils and grilled proteins.

Golden Cayenne

A deceptively hot cayenne pepper, the Southern Californian grown Golden Cayenne has a crisp fruity flavor and clean heat (35-50K Scoville heat units).


Peppa’s flavor is a combination of Savory (California Garlic, Onion and Mustard), Fresh (Hawaiian ginger,), Sweet (California Bell Peppers) and a hint of heat (black pepper). Peppa is among the best of our sodium free blends, and in addition to being salt-free, it also has no msg or sugar. Great on veggies, in stir-frys, roasted, baked or grilled proteins (fish, poultry, beef, tofu).


Dessert is a warm and sweet blend with orange and floral notes. Hand crafted with the finest and freshest organic cinnamon, ginger, orange, coriander and cardamon, you will not feel any guilt about having Dessert at breakfast on your berries or oatmeal.


Combining essential BBQ flavors (smoky, spicy, and sweet) with California paprika, garlic and cayenne, our unique SweetSpicy blend is great on grilled vegetables, salmon, and even fruit salad.

Hickory Smoked Salt

Large natural sea salt flakes are cold smoked with hickory for over 14 hours. Use as a rub, marinade or finishing salt to re-create the deep smoky flavor of outdoor cooking.

What makes our spices the best?

We source all our gourmet spices from small farms to bring you the highest-quality organic spices you’ll find anywhere. The flavors will be fuller, more aromatic, and more intense than anything you’ve ever experienced. We guarantee once you taste Convivial, you’ll never go back.


What recipes and foods will this kit make?

Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Beef Ribs, Chili, BBQ Chicken, Louisiana Sausage and much more.

What makes our spices better?

Single origin sources

Each spice is harvested from a single source to ensure quality and taste.

Small farms

We work with small farms throughout California to ensure fair farming practices and control our quality.


The highest level of organic certification for food and farming.

Highest Quality

There’s a huge difference in quality between our spices and store bought. Open one of our jars, and you will be shocked by the amount of fragrance ours convey.


Your spices will arrive within 4 weeks of being harvested. As far as we know, that makes us the freshest spices you can get.

Why do our spices cost more?

We pay local farmers fairly, and prepare our spices in California facilities to higher standards than any spice producer out there. So, it may cost a little more, but you’ll be shocked how much more flavorful your recipes become.