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Convivial’s Ceylon Cinnamon has a sweet and rich flavor, with essence of orange, floral notes and warmth. Sourced directly from an organic Hawaiian farm, sprinkle this cinnamon on morning berries, add to a mole poblano, or bake with citrus and vanill

Convivial’s Ceylon Cinnamon will delight your taste buds with its sweet rich flavor. Sourced directly from a small organic Hawaiian tree farm, we grind the incredibly fresh harvested bark in small batches to create the most delicious cinnamon available. 

Fresh Ceylon Cinnamon can help lower your blood sugar so sprinkle some over your blueberries to get your body going in the morning.

Due to the limited capacity of our farms we frequently sell out of stock.

-       Blueberries, carrots, pears, sweet potatoes, squash

-       Chicken, lamb

-       Oatmeal, yogurt, drinks & desserts

Pairs Well with: Fruit Vegetables Grains

Heat level: <1 out of 5

Ingredients: Organic Hawaiian Ceylon Cinnamon (100%)

Each jar is shipped in a 2oz glass jar and has a net weight of .75oz. 


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    Best there is out there

    Posted by Julie Miller on May 14th 2021

    I love everything I buy from Convivial. I am a repeat customer and always will be. I've even posted about it on my social media!